Interested in hiring the CUDC for a project? Here are a few ways we can work together:

Design Practice
The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) is a non-profit design practice. We have a professional staff of seven and we work with communities throughout the Northeast Ohio region on a wide range of design projects including:

  • community master plans
  • streetscape design concepts
  • commercial and residential design guidelines
  • community identity and wayfinding plans
  • strategies for vacant land reuse
  • green space and green infrastructure planning
  • campus planning

If you're interested in working with the CUDC, we can arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs and expectations, timeframe, and budget. The budget depends on the scope of work, the level of community engagement that would be needed, and the final products. Generally speaking, project budgets range from $5,000 to $80,000, depending on the scope of work. The CUDC takes on projects of all sizes and is committed to working within communities’ budget constraints.

Community Design Charrette
In addition to the CUDC’s professional practice, the CUDC also houses part of Kent State's graduate program in architecture and urban design at the CUDC’s Cleveland facility. Each fall, we bring 12-15 of our graduate students to a community to conduct a Community Design Charrette (or workshop) to address a specific design challenge. The charrette gives students a “real world” experience while addressing a community’s particular design challenge. Over the course of a long weekend (typically Friday night through Monday night), the students meet with community leaders and the general public, document existing conditions, and develop a design product. Students are supervised throughout by the professional staff of the CUDC. At the end of the workshop, students compile their work into a product, which is later refined by CUDC staff to meet the needs of our community partner. The cost to the community ranges between $5,000-$10,000 to cover CUDC staff time and the expense of getting our students to the project location and feeding/housing them during the charrette. This cost could be less if there are low-cost places in your community where the students could stay, as well as local restaurants who might be willing to feed the students while we’re in town. The date for the charrette is based on the community's preference, bust is typically held in late September or sometime in October.

Working with Students or Recent Graduates
The CUDC has approximately 30 graduate students at our Cleveland facility. Many of these students take on a two-semester Capstone project in which they delve into a particular design challenge, usually beginning in the Fall semester. Capstone topics are not assigned—they are determined independently by each student, but if you have a design challenge that  incorporates both research and design, we can try to match you with a student who could take on your project as their Capstone.

Also, sometimes students and recent graduates are available to take on small design projects for a modest fee. If you send us a brief description of your project and budget, we will share your request with students and recent graduates.

Please contact CUDC Director Terry Schwarz for more information or to discuss your project by phone at 216.357.3426 or email tschwarz@kent.edu.


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