Mobile Encounters on April 5th!


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New to the Blogosphere!!!

This new blog format just came out of the CUDC mind factory!  We’re going bigger and better and sweeter because the CUDC is all about redevelopment and continual improvement.

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Feet, Unicycles, and Miniature Ponies


The CUDC is borrowing a couple of miniature ponies – just because we could – for Designerosa, which will be at the storefront of our soon-to-be (October) office location at the corner of Euclid and E. 13th St. So get excited.

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Designerosa: All-you-can-cr(eat)e buffet release party!

All-you-can-cr(eat)e buffet release party will be an event anchor for Mobile Encounters, an urban obstacle course which will turn downtown into a multimodal urban playscape. Visit our MobileMap for more Mobile Encounter event locations!

Vacant storefront @ 1305 Euclid Ave., Downtown Cleveland
Sunday, April 5th, 2009
posted by marianne eppig.