New RTA Wayfinding Signage

873305221_c8ca1a3d9d_o1Are you interested in improving the functionality and aesthetics of RTA’s wayfinding signage? Well, now’s your chance to influence the design process.
The Transit Improvement Advisory Committee (TIAC), a sub-committee of the RTA Citizen Advisory Board, will have it’s monthly meeting this Friday, Oct. 2nd from 8:30-10:00 am at RTA’s main offices on W. 6th St. in the Warehouse District.
Ongoing areas of focus for the committee this year are system wide ease of use and facilitating more cyclists to use the system. The Oct 2nd meeting will focus discussion on the first implementation of wayfinding signage as part of RTA’s TWE (Transit Waiting Environment) program. This first implementation is at the Market Square stop on the corner of W. 25th Street & Lorain Avenue. Vince Reddy, Chair of the TIAC, has taken extensive photos of the implementation and the committee will discuss them in the context of best practices from around the nation/globe.

The committee has extended an invitation out to anyone in Cleveland’s design community who has an interest in wayfinding and schedule signage to attend this Friday’s meeting and subsequent meetings, which are held the first Friday of each month.

by david jurca


It’s coming.



The Bridge Project. 

on lower level of The Detroit-Superior Bridge
2433 Superior Viaduct

September 25 & 26, 2009
Friday from 4pm – midnight | Saturday from noon – midnight

Click here for more info and for a schedule of the Project’s events, shows and exhibits.

You’re not going to want to miss this,



VOTE: Bridge Design[Build] Charrette


What if the Detroit-Superior Bridge lower level became a public space? How would you use it? Now is your chance to see it happen.

1. Visit www.BridgeProjectVote.com to share your thoughts on initial concepts developed by students involved in the Bridge Project design[build] charrette. Leave your comments on the projects and begin a dialogue with the students. What ideas do you like? What would you like to see more details on? What new uses would you like to see included?

2. Share the link with co-workers, friends, family and smarter-than-average pets.  The students would love to have your feedback so they can quickly develop and refine their projects. Only a few projects will be selected to be built full-scale on the bridge, so make your thoughts known!

3. Come to the public opening during the Bridge Project on Friday and Saturday September 25th (4pm-midnight) and 26th (noon-midnight) to experience the selected projects as built prototypes. Public input on the projects will continue during the two day bridge opening as people activate the spaces and students observe the interactions, then adjust the installations.

Oftentimes as designers the distance between conceptual plan and embodied user experience is too wide to be meaningful. The rapid prototyping concept for the Bridge Project charrette intends to collapse this distance and introduce user feedback earlier in the design process. The installations during the event should not be viewed as finished products, but rather as prototypes designed to engage and draw feedback from the future users of the space.

Many thanks to Jeff Schuler for constructing the drupal website for project voting: www.jeffschuler.net

by david jurca


All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Architectural Ideas for Cleveland

Kent architecture alums Tedd Ferringer, Jeremy Smith and Michael Abrahamson are hosting the event, “All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Architectural Ideas for Cleveland.”


Here’s their write-up of the event, which will be happening in University Circle on Oct. 30-31:

What is a city’s recommended daily intake of architecture? Let’s exceed it…

All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Architectural Ideas for Cleveland, an upcoming exhibition to be held at The Sculpture Center, posits that the city has a high metabolic rate, burning through ideas faster than they can be ingested. In response, the exhibit will present a binge of possible futures excessive in scale and exhaustive in scope, ideas both raw and cooked, half-baked and hair-brained.

Join us in preparing a feast.

For more information on this event, including how to submit an entry (you don’t need to be an architect/designer, although you certainly can be), click here.