The Art of Engagement



Please join us for a lecture by Marie Bukowski on Friday, November 9 at noon at the CUDC.

Marie is an internationally recognized printmaker and the Director of the School of Art at Kent State University. Her talk is entitled, The Art of Engagement.

Community engagement is the foundational cornerstone of a community’s culture. Community engagement is the equivalent to cultural excellence. The role of artists is unique and evolving, frequently reflecting on current issues, challenging societal restrictions and mores, sometimes creating beauty and order, sometimes demonstrating the inherent chaos of contemporary life, addressing government decisions and asking philosophical questions. Artists have been visionaries, provocateurs, and iconoclasts, sometimes praised for their ability to conceptualize the future, and other times chastised for breaking with the norm.


Artists in the 21st century operate in a fascinating environment, unlike that of their predecessors. Advances in technology have made previously unimaginable concepts wholly possible. This idea serves as a home to artists whose practices encompass this developing interdisciplinary approach; artists who imagine the future, who question the direction of humanity, who are able to synthesize the constantly changing technology, viewpoints and culture into their artistic vision. Artists who would take part in this creative inquiry are frequently risk-takers, challenging commonly held beliefs. With the support of the creative inquiry, these artists are able to pursue their vision, communicate with targeted audiences and impact the global community.


This lecture is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The CUDC is located at 1309 Euclid Avenue, on the second floor. Ring the intercom by the front door to be buzzed in.