A Taste of the Upcoming Pop Up City Publication

malloy-book-graphicThis is a taste of Jennifer Malloy’s article “What is Left of Planning?! Residual Planning!” that will be published in the upcoming Pop Up City publication:

Temporary space practitioners are dispersed throughout the shattered remains of shrinking cities in the United States and Europe, within eddies of vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and radical space strongholds – where community and social relations flourish through the production of art – and thrive as a counterculture of resistance to capitalist circuits of place-making. They temporarily remediate the leftovers of capitalism through radical interventions in urban spaces that begin to poke holes in the dominant frame of the city as an avenue for competition and exchange. Instead, the city is viewed as a place where community can be built and experienced, temporarily, while simultaneously creating alternative temporary uses for, and opportunities within, disused urban spaces. This paper discusses such countercultural urban development strategies through two case studies: the Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor in Chicago, Illinois and Hotel Neustadt in Halle, Germany.”

To read the rest of this article and to read others, be sure to pick up the new Pop Up City journal that will be coming out in February.

by marianne eppig.

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