Another Taste of the Upcoming Pop Up City Publication

klaus-book-graphic1This is an excerpt from Philipp Oswalt, Klaus Overmeyer, and Philipp Misselwitz’s article “Patterns of the Unplanned” that will be published in the Pop Up City journal to be released in February. Be sure to pick up a copy in order to learn more about temporary use strategies for vacant land!

“Temporary uses are unplanned, but they are present in every larger city. Often, they play an important role in a city’s public and cultural life as well as in its urban development, but they have thus far been almost completely ignored in official policymaking and city planning circles. But why do temporary uses occur in the first place? And how do they develop? Can structures be discovered in the unplanned?

by marianne eppig.

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  • Susan Miller

    In Columbus, City Center will fall – a scant 20 years after it was built. They will begin redevelopment with a park – urban greenspace and restoring the street grid. They then plan mixed use development.
    What if the economic downturn (recession) becomes full blown depression? Just greenspace?
    How about Flats Eastbank become a riverfront urban greenspace for the foreseeable future? I don’t suspect we’ll see any buildings going up there in neartime. It would be a nice place for people to access the river though. Roll out some sod and toss in a few benches. Why not a popup and persist plan for FE now that it is “on hold” indefinitely?
    Then there’s the other question that this City Center boondoggle suggests: do we build malls for a 20 year lifespan? If so, will we rebuild our own “public mall” for a scant 20 year period? (Just in time for the tax to end. $1 billion.) Do we have a sense of what will stay; what we afford to popup and what we afford to deflate?

    02-14-09 » 11:06 pm »

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