Attention Artists: We Want YOU!

The Organizers of The 2009 BRIDGE PROJECT seek YOUR ideas!


The BRIDGE PROJECT—taking place September 25 and 26, 2009, at the Streetcar Level of the Detroit Superior Bridge—will be a Colossal Convening of local and regional artists who will showcase their work in one of this region’s most amazing and underused locations.

BRIDGE PROJECT organizers will showcase the work of approximately forty artists at this location and we invite you to submit a proposal to occupy one of these spaces – which span the entirety of the bridge (from the tunnels and catacombed spaces at the west side of this bridge, to the arched walkway of the span itself, to the large pillar decked area at the east side). We are looking for quality and diversity of form and media.

We are seeking participation by Visual Artists, Installation Artists, Musicians, Media Artists, Light and Sound Artists, Theatre Artists, Poets, Sculptors, Audio Artists, Performance Artists, Laser Artists, electronic Artists, Drummers, Video Makers, Filmmakers, Dancers, Floral Artists, Street Performers, Visionaries, Vendors and More…

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to showcase your work, click here for an application.


For more photos of the bridge space where exhibits will be displayed, visit our flickr site.

This event is being organized by The Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, The KSU Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Cleveland Public Art, the Flats OxBow Neighborhood Development Corporation, and All Go Signs.

by marianne eppig.

2 Comments on “Attention Artists: We Want YOU!”

  • Marc Lefkowitz

    I love that KSU’s graduate design students are focusing on the impact of temporary use events, and the Bridge Project in particular. The Pop Up City events have been the hottest thing going.

    I hope that we can raise awareness of the bridge’s potential as a space both on the lower gritty former subway deck and the upper sparkling don harvey eco art and bike lane deck for the connections it provides. what works and what doesn’t (I’m referring to the lack of connection at either end of the bridge from the bike lane to safe cycling conditions, which better design of the roadway and public right of way can provide).

    07-20-09 » 5:02 pm »

  • Marianne Eppig

    Thanks for reading our blog, Marc!

    We’re pretty excited about the Pop Up Events as well, and we hope that they do bring out awareness of these beautiful urban spaces for future development.

    I’m going to let Terry know about your comment just to see what she has to say about potential future development for the bridge.

    On another note, I’d love for you to check out my other blog, RenovatingtheRustBelt.wordpress.com, and let me know what you think. GreenCityBlueLake has been a huge inspiration!

    Best wishes,
    Marianne Eppig

    07-21-09 » 5:06 pm »

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