BioCellar Event Videos

If you missed the BioCellar event at the CUDC on April 26th, now you can watch the presentations online:

BioCellar Presentations – 1 of 3 – Intro

BioCellar Presentations – 2 of 3 – Darrell Frey | Bioshelter Market Garden @ Three Sisters Farm

BioCellar Presentations – 3 of 3 – Gauri Torgalkar | BioCellar: Concept to Prototype

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  • Patrick

    Interested as to whether anyone has made any strides toward implementing this nearby. I’d personally be interested in all aspects of such a project, and could totally use the passive seeding space. KSU caed alum 2007.

    Love to chat.

    02-18-12 » 10:12 am »

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