Brite Winter Festival

Brite Winter Festival

PopUp City strikes again this Saturday from 5-10pm at Hart Crane Memorial Park.

So, what’s going on?  Loads.

Imagine the love child of locavore eats courtesy of Sainato’s Restaurant and sponsor Gypsy Bean Coffee and Baking; the wafting musical genius from the likes of The Hot Rails, Uncanny Xe La, and This Moment in Black History; art to make you think more/better; and activities that will make you forget you’re an adult.

That love child is Brite Winter Festival.

Here’s a preview of a few of the activities:

  1. Bonfires: chill out and stay warm
  2. Cornhole: not just for tailgating and picnics anymore.  Organized by Cleveland Plays.
  3. Giant “skeeball”: Chuck E Cheese for big kids.  We hope we can pull this one off.
  4. Ice bocce ball = water + spherical molds + freeze + Italian tradition
  5. Chalkboard graffiti: self-expression strongly encouraged
  6. Bridge War reenactment: East Side vs. West Side, courtesy of Mother Nature, snowballs, and wacky Cleveland history
  7. Afterparty: Mulberry’s Bar.  Activities, karoke, drinks, and extended fun.

BlowUp Chill Cube

What’s this?  Click on it.

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