CUDC plans to “Jumpstart Elyria”

Elyria 3D Downtown Draft Render small3D Rendering of Downtown Elyria

The CUDC in collaboration with Streetsense and Partners for Economic Solutions recently completed a plan for the City of Elyria. A Western Reserve town thirty miles west of downtown Cleveland, the City of Elyria asked the project team to develop a strategy for revitalizing three of its core areas: its historic downtown, the Midway Mall area, and the Cleveland St. corridor. These areas are rich with natural amenities and attractions. The downtown is cradled by the two forks of the Black River, creating two sets of waterfalls while the town is linked regionally through the North Coast Inland Trail, as well as a recently renovated light rail station in downtown.

Despite these abundant amenities, Elyria has seen more prosperous days. In 2012, the New York Times’ Dan Berry reported on Elyria in a series of articles and interviews titled “This Land,” painting Elyria as a quintessential American city full of heritage and hope, but not immune to the effects of decades of disinvestment and economic decline.

The CUDC and partners proposed a series of tactical policy, design, and economic development strategies as part of the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative program. Emphasizing the benefits of infrastructural and transportation improvements coupled with economic development, the plan seeks to leverage existing efforts and projects to maximize benefits for the city. The plan, titled “Jumpstart Elyria” was recently featured in Cleveland Magazine’s “Rating the Suburbs” issue.

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