CUDC receives grant through the Ohio History Connection


The CUDC is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Ohio History Connection to produce a user-friendly, how-to guide for the rehabilitation of historic and traditional housing stock in areas of Cleveland and northeast Ohio that have experienced disinvestment and decline. The guide will describe and advocate for low-cost and high-quality solutions that are based on the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The guide will promote historic preservation by helping property owners rehabilitate a neighborhood’s historic fabric to encourage community investment and preservation.

The Ohio History Connection awarded 13 organizations History Fund grants. The History Fund is a competitive matching grants program that is one of four “tax check-off” funds found on Ohio’s income tax forms and funded entirely through Ohio taxpayers’ voluntary contributions.

The Ohio History Connection’s History Fund had $130,000 to grant–$20,000 more than last year–and awarded 13 grants to organizations throughout Ohio. The History Fund received 33 applications requesting a total of $388,000 in grant-funding, underscoring the importance of the need for this grant program for history and preservation-related projects throughout Ohio.

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