Design with Consequence Studio


Open reviews for the Performative Architecture Graduate Design Studio will be held at our new CUDC offices Friday, March 26th from 6-8pm. Interested architects or designers are welcome to attend the jury.

The Design with Consequence studio, led by Kent State Associate Professor Adil Sharag-Eldin, addresses several issues relevant in a context of global urban growth:

  • Design a skyscraper in a city of choice.
  • The designed structure is NOT a self-referential representation of the owners’ or the city’s vision of its own grandeur or affluence.
  • The designed structure represents a  monolithic part of the city that manifests a cohesive vision of the designer.
  • The outcome is an urban artifact that must express a designer’s point of view on a current state of the globe.
  • The design however is entrenched in an urban setting that acts as  confluence of natural and synthetic forces that affects the city and the region of the world.

After the jury, please remember to stop by the Cleveland Institute of Art photo exhibit on the first floor. The show opening reception runs from 6-11pm.

1309 Euclid Ave. Suite 200, Cleveland

by david jurca

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