Fall Workshops | Two Opportunities to Learn about the Challenges of Vacant Properties


First, CUDC’s Director, Terry Schwarz, will be presenting two topics at the Ohio Land Bank Conference – Thriving Communities Institute in Columbus on October 23rd.

Redefining Redevelopment

Wednesday, October, 23,  8:25 AM – 9:25 AM

As resources are strained and increasingly more difficult to access, it is critical that we think strategically about how we use funding and tools effectively for the greatest long-term impact. In this joint plenary session, panelists will consider how decisions such as acquiring properties, using demolition dollars, and prioritizing investment impact the larger regional fabric, and will explore the critical role of a master plan in guiding such decisions.

Clustering Vacant Properties for Greater Community Impact

Wednesday, October 23, 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM

Greening and stabilization strategies for individual vacant lots can enhance the curb appeal of a neighborhood and ease the concerns of adjacent property owners. But to have city-wide impact, you’ll need to look at larger agglomerations of vacant sites. This session will focus on planning and design approaches for creating networks of vacant sites that enhance surrounding property values, offer recreational opportunities, provide ecological benefits, and preserve opportunities for future development. The session will also include an approach to classifying different kinds of vacancy and tailoring a response based on prevailing conditions.

For registration information please visit the Thriving Communities Institute website.


Second, Terry Schwarz, along with Alan Mallach, FAICP, and Joseph Schilling will be leading a workshop as part of the APA’s Planners Training Service Workshop Series,  November 8-9 in Chicago.

Tackling the Challenges of Vacant Properties

Vacant properties are everybody’s problem. They blight neighborhoods, reduce property values, foster crime and disease, and never seem to go away.

Coming to closure on vacancies is a challenge for planners in older cities, inner-ring suburbs, even small towns and rural areas. How can you meet the challenge of vacancies in your community? Come to this invigorating new workshop and see how cities and towns across the country are handling the problem. You’ll pick up fresh ideas plus the tools you need to turn vacant properties into community asset.

For more information and to register please visit the APA’s website.

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