Feet, Unicycles, and Miniature Ponies


The CUDC is borrowing a couple of miniature ponies – just because we could – for Designerosa, which will be at the storefront of our soon-to-be (October) office location at the corner of Euclid and E. 13th St. So get excited.

Designarosa, in case you don’t know yet, is part of the colossal umbrella event called Mobile Encounters, which is an array of activity stations dispersed around Downtown Cleveland that people are encouraged to get to by various means of transportation (think bikes, buses, unicycles, horses, feet, etc.).

All of this (Mobile Encounters and Designerosa) will take place between 2-5pm on April 5th, so get your steeds ready. Our Designerosa event will be an all-you-can-eat buffet themed release party for our new Pop Up City book. (Yes!) If you bring food to this potluck all-you-can-eat, then you win. As a reward, you get your very own Pop Up City book. For Free. (Yes!)

by marianne eppig.

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