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Bridge Mix
“a nite under the stars and over the headlights”

A Pop up City Event

LOCATION: Tremont Pedestrian Bridge; dead end of West 11th Street, south of Starkweather; dead end at west 11th, south of pedestrian bridge.

DATE: October 10, 2008

TIME: 6 – 10 p.m.

POP UP CITY: Pop Up City is a series of temporary events in Cleveland’s vacant and underutilized places that is supported by the Cleveland Foundation’s Civic Innovation Lab and operated through Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: The Tremont pedestrian bridge is a transition from the more developed Tremont on the North side into the older and more rustic Tremont to the south. This naturally suggests the theme of development and also coincides with Pop up City’s goals. With impending plans for studies to draw attention to linkage and connectivity of the bridge, we found this to be an intriguing spot. This allows pedestrians and motorists to experience this space very differently for the first time, and draw attention to this generationally new connection, spawned by infrastructure development and expansion.

Planned events and exhibits include the following:

• Gallery U-Haul – Art exhibition in U-Haul truck
• Coffee Stand with non-alcoholic beverages and food by Gypsy Beans and Baking Co..

• Makeshift living room in center span of bridge with egress at either end from middle at all times.
• Colored glass prisms and wind chimes tied securely to bridge.
• Lighting of approaches to bridge span on either side.

• Use of space adjacent to Hooper Farm. Hooper Farm sell produce.
• Performance space with cultural dances, music, storytellers and Capoeira.

by marianne eppig.

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