Room Service and The Bus Stops Here

After attending the fabulous “Made in the 216″ event this past weekend, I thought I would visit Room Service’s blog to see if they had any words about the overall success of the event.  Since Room Service owner Danielle DeBoe is most likely still recovering from all the work associated with running an event of that magnitude, maybe I should just give a word myself.  It was amazing and I wanted to buy everything.  Throngs of artists and artisans meandered through the brilliantly designed spaces (think colorful tissue paper flowers flowing along the ceiling and tree trunk sections along a wall), and I’m pretty sure I touched all of the beautiful pieces for sale.

What I did find when I went to the Room Service blog was the following video that I felt was definitely worth repeating here.  It’s called “The Bus Stops Here.”


The Bus Stops Here from Qian Li on Vimeo.

“The Bus Stops Here” is an short documentary about a pair of innovative bus stop structures designed by Robert Maschke for the Detroit Shoreway area. Located on Cleveland’s West Side, Detroit Shoreway is a neighborhood in transition that has a diverse population. This documentary depicts the commitment of people who believe in their community, in Cleveland, and in the future of the region. The bus stops, two of which will be built at the center of the Gordon Square art district currently under development, will become the first public visual art forms in the neighborhood and symbolize not only the transformational power of art, but a turning point for this evolving area.

by marianne eppig.

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