Second Issue of “Pop Up City” Coming Out in February

new-book_imageThe second issue of the CUDC’s journal, Pop Up City, is in production and will be published by the end of February. The urban designers are planning a Pop Up party in March to commemorate the release of the journal.

The CUDC recently replaced their quarterly newsletter with this NEW journal in which they can publish articles written by international experts in urban design and development covering various themes. The theme of the first publication was Shrinking Cities, and the second issue is about Temporary Use Strategies for vacant land. There will be a few Special Edition handmade books of the publication which will include pop-up features (like the ones in children’s pop-up books!).

The articles in the upcoming publication include:

  1. “Patterns of the Unplanned” by Philipp Oswalt, Klaus Overmeyer, and Philipp Misselwitz.
  2. “What is Left of Planning?! Residual Planning!” by Jennifer Malloy.
  3. An article about the German design firm Complizen’s experiences in Cleveland during the temporary use workshop by Tore Dobberstein and Andreas Haase.
  4. “Dolmusch Xpress” by Elke Knöß & Wolfgang Grillitsch of Peanutz Architekten (http://www.dolmusch-xpress.de/). The article will describe a pragmatic transit model for a shrinking, dispersed population.
  5. “Pop Up City” by Terry Schwarz.

The publication will be available on Amazon, as well as at most of the conferences and events attended by the CUDC. You can also find past publications online at http://www.cudc.kent.edu/shrink/.

by marianne eppig.

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