Summer Graduate Studio Examines the E. 22nd Street Corridor


The program for the 2013 summer graduate urban design studio, which took place at Kent State University’s CUDC, was commenced with the investigation of the E. 22nd street corridor. Cleveland State University and the Campus District, Inc. sponsored the project led by studio instructor Charles Graves.  The initial investigation ran for three weeks and culminated in a proposal for the E. 22nd street corridor by the students of the graduate class.

The concept diagram below drove the project.


The goals of this study were as follows:

  • Link the city to the waterfronts
  • Thread amenities through new infrastructure
  • Revitalize natural resources to improve health & well being
  • Attract residents through new development & activity

Once the three-week stage was completed, each student chose a site within the study and proposed a program.  The projects are in order from north to south and were as follows, as indicated on the Master Plan:

  1. Neil Reindel & Claire Markwardt - Living Infrastructure Network: Cleveland
  2. Lynn Rabatsky - Hotel & Urban Winery
  3. Calvin Tustan - Superior Ave Plaza
  4. Cameron Logan Sixth City Culture + Arts Center
  5. Howard Hayden - Transitional Housing and Community Outreach Center
  6. Eric Riter Chester Avenue Animal Activates Center
  7. Grace Ondrejka Prospect Connect – K-12 Public School
  8. Pasquale Esposito - Cleveland Industrial Design and Fabrication Collaborative
  9. Timothy Larke - Mixed Use Housing
  10. Christopher Dohar - The Center for Innovation in Health Profession
  11. Joshua Thomas - Skyline Vista
  12. Derek Behm - CSU College of Sustainability
  13. Amy Robertson - Cleveland Urban Wildlife Preserve
  14. Ian Jones CSU River Lab

From the 14 projects, two were selected by the local AIA Cleveland chapter to receive awards.  The two winning projects by Cameron Logan and team members Neil Reindel and Claire Markwardt are shown below.

neil-reindel-claire-markwardt_imageNeil Reindel & Claire Markwardt | Living Infrastructure Network Cleveland (linC)
View of waterfront development from front of lakeside restaurants
View the full project

Sixth City Culture + Arts CenterCameron Logan | The Sixth City Culture + Arts Center
View looking west along St Clair Avenue towards downtown
View the full project

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