Third Coast Atlas: Prelude to a Plan for the Great Lakes Region

commonplace_insideThe long-awaited Third Coast Atlas is now available. The hefty, large-format book was edited by Daniel Daniel Ibañez, Claire Lyster, Charles Waldheim, and Mason White. It’s essential reading for designers, planners, public officials, and residents of the Great Lakes Basin.

The book is framed as a ‘prelude to a plan’ for the Great Lakes region. Chapters describe specific issues and urban geographies within this large and complex area, laying the groundwork for future planning at the regional scale.

In 2016, the CUDC hosted a forum with Charles Waldheim and several contributors to the book, including CUDC Director, Terry Schwarz, who wrote a chapter about Cleveland. And earlier this month, Mason White discussed the Third Coast research effort during a lecture he gave at Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

The prosperity and resilience of every Great Lakes city is inextricably linked to the health of the lakes themselves. The Third Coast Atlas helps us understand the challenges and opportunities of Northeast Ohio within a larger ecological, cultural, and economic context. This will lead to better land use and development decisions for our region.


(Third Coast Atlas)

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