Representations and design strategies in architecture and urban design are often dominated by idealized imagery from warmer seasons, marginalizing the unique design opportunities that winter weather cities present. This absence of relevant examples and formative discourse demands a call to action.

The Center for Outdoor Living Design (COLD) curates a growing archive of compelling visions for cold climates intended to challenge common perceptions and kindle an appreciation of urban life in all seasons. In 2013, COLD launched an international design competition, a public exhibition, and a built outdoor intervention in Cleveland, Ohio. Compelling proposed and built projects collected during the process were published in the sixth volume of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative's Urban Infill journal, focused on advancing the design of urban environments for winter weather. The projects will encourage design professionals to address the needs of vulnerable populations in particular, recognizing that a climate-responsive city offers greater opportunities for social inclusion.

COLD is an initiative of Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) and made possible through the generous support of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and The Cleveland Foundation.

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