Apparition Apparatus: Contemporary Urban Hauntology

Janet Yoon

Project Title

Apparition Apparatus: Contemporary Urban Hauntology

Entrant Location

Los Angeles, USA

Special Recognition

2013 Honorable Mention


Project Summary

Cold weather cultures deploy legends of ghosts and snow creatures as figurative intermediaries to explain and manage severe weather. These echoplasmic mediators bring forth issues of wayfinding, exposure and shelter from the scope of folklore directly tied to the effects of severe weather. Apparition Apparatus incorporates self-sustaining technology and real-time input to urban infrastructure and architecture to act as a wayfinding and localized weather warning system for those caught on their journey to safety and shelter. Since an apparition can leak beyond containment and carry itself across frequencies far beyond physical boundaries, assistance and information arrives before first responders can expand their scope and cover the physical distance. It is a ghostly companion for navigating the cold weather city. The Apparition Apparatus is at times a voice, a presence, footprints, signals, reflections on a window pane, a doorway, a road, in various configuration and purpose as are the figures of folklores to help manage the scope of harsh weather. The configuration is infrastructural, architectural and technological derived from contemporary use of information, but the interaction is tied to deep rooted traditions of cold place folklore.