Frozen Tectonic

Francisco Lara and Javier O'Ryan

Project Title

Frozen Tectonic

Entrant Location

Talca, Chile

Special Recognition

2013 Honorable Mention


Project Summary

Frozen Tectonic installation invites you to explore and experience in a new way The frozen Lakes of Copenhagen. During winter the city grows. The water becomes ice and crowds of people go to skate, walk, cycle and slide out on the suddenly liberated real estate available to the citizens. We propose something that mediates between art and architecture, that invites you to imagine and explore the city, experiencing views that are only accessible during winter. We think that the arrival of the snow makes everything turn doll and plane. This structure acts like an artificial iceberg that could support activities and bring life and color to the cold, white and boring environments. The installation is compose of dense interlinked shapes, made out of thousands of thermo sensitive plastic modules. This modules are connected by an inner chamber allowing the free air path. This will create a metamorphosis in the form of the system from summer to winter. When the water freezes the ice increases its volume, trapping our structure and pressing the flexible module, creating a “fibrosity” in the frozen lake layer, increasing its resistance. The project invites us to question our own relationship with our surroundings emphasis on changing temperatures during the cold days winter. These modules use physical detailing, encouraging self assembly.