Alex Johnson, Jeff Smith, Mitch Hoyt, and Colin Fishbaugh

Project Title


Entrant Location

Cleveland, USA

Special Recognition

2013 Honorable Mention


Project Summary

Celebrate the magnificence of cold climate cities and culture by: • Activating public spaces typically underutilized during the winter by creating a destination event which brings people together and encourages socialization. • Promoting and subsequently elevating the stature of cold climate cities on the global stage through a trade of cultures with other cities that have contrasting climatic conditions.

Form a virtual portal between a cold and a warm climate city that exports and simultaneously imports their climate and associated culture:

• Participant cities choose a significant public space to host the portal as a temporary installation for one season (three months). Multiple cities may participate and may do so more than once forming a different connection each time.
• Portal venue is assembled from customized shipping containers (cans) which can be configured in multiple ways dependent on the selected public space.

There are two types of cans:

Lower Level – Interactive stands that support commerce and demonstrations for the following components: food and beverage cafe, seasonal/cultural experiences, arts & crafts shop, and city branding store

Upper Level – Interactive technology with a live video display from connected city’s venue also functioning as a canopy for rain/snow screening or sun-shading